Plot the position of the sun at any location in the continental United States

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This web site was totally rebuilt using up-to-date technology in May 2014. The new site name is, and requests to the original site (launched in 2004) transfer to this site. New features include a clickable map (with more clickable points planned), faster plotting and plots which allow client mouseover of individual plotting points.

The original web site can still be viewed.

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Quick Start Instructions

  1. Click your location on the map or enter your coordinates and time zone
  2. Single Day Plot
    For today, click the or the button
    Select another date and/or click the desired radio button for the plot fields, then click or
    Multiple Day Plot
    For sunset for this year, click the or the button
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Azimuth Angles

Due north: 0°
Due east: 90°
Due south (solar noon): 180°
Due west: 270°

Solar Noon

When the sun is at its highest altitude in the sky. This occurs when the azimuth is due south (180°). In most places in the U.S. it is always after 12 noon.